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This is a song about an unexpected connection at a wedding and the joy it brings to two consenting adults who make love under the moon and the rising sun.
This is the voice of a concerned citizen welcoming his people back home( the sojourners): those who have gone to experience the so called "greener pastures" and are still miserable. He's of the fact that if they do not build their home themselves no one will do it for them, hence he urges them on to unite and together build as one people.
A shoutout to Bentley records when a scammer posed as them. Always check everything you can. Be aware of schemes and deals.
At times, we’re all lost in our minds. Pray that the lord rebukes all evil; and grants you inner peace.
Whispers all around you; they wanna see you fall. Problem solved, when you send light. Keep your mirror bright.