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The words to this song are essentially a progression from the pushing an pulling aspect of a relationship I was previously in. I think the key line in the song is the ending of the chorus which mentions the clock turning to midnight. This is important because it means I'm no longer fighting with this girl because she starts speaking my language. She's basically back on my wavelength. It's almost like Cinderella turned back to normal to make it more clear! "I see her looking around" is also another important line because it foretells that this girl was not in it for the long run.
Drake x The Weekend type song
Nursery rhyme that introduces letters that won't sit still. The alphabet tries to get them to stay together so it can show them off. The alphabet can be portrayed as a mother/father figure with the letters being children.
Self-doubt. Lacking confidence. Wanting someone's approval. God sees the best in us, when we only see our faults.
Someone who tried to fix his problems on his own, but then realized he should have trusted God to do it.