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Need lyrics professionally, or even just for fun? PREMIUM LYRICS is an international library of original song lyrics. In our online lyrics library you will find what you are looking for.

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PREMIUM LYRICS claims to become the world's largest original song lyrics library. A platform where songwriters and musicians from all countries meet. Not every lyricist is a good musician and not every composer can write good song lyrics. The best results are achieved if everyone does what they can do best and incredible amazing new things can arise. At PREMIUM LYRICS, musicians and songwriters simply come together. Get started now - write new songs making the world a somewhat better place!

New Lyrics


By Georg Wagner

Was versteht man unter Psalmen, lieber Konfirmand? - Wenn jetzt die Antwort "Meeresrauschen" kommt, besteht offensichtlich Erklärungsbedarf. Psalmen sind poetische, religiöse Texte, lieber Konfirmand.

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Keeping issues

By Sherry Chesters

How I manage and struggle with issues.

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By Nadine Schulze

In dem Song geht es um die pure Verzweiflung, Angst und die Erkenntnis, dass man jahrelang auf einem falschen Weg war. Ein kleiner Restfunken Hoffnung besteht noch, aber es wird sehr schwer, aus dieser Situation herauszukommen und einen neuen Weg einzuschlagen.

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Shell of a man

By Jordan Lewis

Kendrick Lamar ft. Frank Ocean type song

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