The Art Of Writing Lyrics

2018-01-25 Infographic


We have made an infographic especially for you: "The Art Of Writing Lyrics" - hope you love it!

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3 Simple Hacks for Writing Great Lyrics Every Day

2018-01-07 Essay


For many songwriters, lyric writing in the hardest part of the process. Coming up with inspiring chord sequences? Fine. Writing soaring vocal melodies? No problem. But finding the words to make that song really connect with the audience? That’s the tricky part.

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Happy and Creative New Year 2018!

2017-12-31 About us


We like to wish you a Happy New Year and a creative start with lots of great ideas and new projects in 2018!

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How to Create Better Song Lyrics

2017-12-08 Essay


Lyrics are the words to a song. Through lyrics a songwriter conveys feelings, emotions, sets a tone or a mood, conveys truth or opinion, and tells a story to anyone who listens to the song. The words matter.

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Interview with Karen Kay

2017-11-14 Featured Artist


Karen Kay is a talented canadian lyricists at PREMIUM LYRICS. Read the interview with her here.

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