Matt is a conscious lyricist mainly writing from the perspective of the rap/hip hop genre. He aptly breaks down social constructs and re-assembles them in his songs. Having Eminem, Dr.Dre and Akala as inspirations he loves writing in a way that has many rhyme schemes within his lyrics and loves to be able to subvert expectations.


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This piece is about how blind we are to see that the authors that were terrified about where technology might land us has landed us here already. We live in a dystopian society and there's nothing we can do about it now...
This is for anyone who wants to prove that they're the best at rap/hip hop, this is pure insults you can use as inspiration or just drag and drop into your track...have fun!!
Life is cruel and dangerous, mentally, physically and emotionally. This piece reflects upon this, starting all broken and slowly pieces it together to make something beautiful.
This is the story of a man who is betrayed by his best friend when he sleep with his girlfriend. His anger pours out of him, thinking that he's going to kill him, claiming his friend is a traitor. The end reveals that he's been turned into a zombie, a dead brained thing walking this earth because of it.
This is about a man claiming that he is the best and anyone that wants to contest his authority he is more than willing to retaliate and fight. How he came from nothing and then ends up being a threat to everyone, and now he's the one with the power and with the gun.