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Der Text beschreibt eine romantische Sommernacht, in der alles möglich ist. Frühlingsgefühle im warmen Sommer, draußen in der Natur sein, mit Wein im Kerzenschein...
This is a song about someone who is ready to move on with their life. They are tired of being broken, and they are ready to take a stand. They ask the person they love to let them go. This person hasn't been treated with love, and they are ready to courageously take ownership of themselves. It borders on an anthem. They have made a decision, and they are going to fight for their freedom.
Litarally a song about love.. Or rather the topic "love" in the role of music, art, life.
The hope of feeling or getting closer a long distance relationship.
A song about a mans calling to his ex partner, the love of his life, for a second chance. A powerful chorus that resonates with this relighting flame being stronger than ever before.