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A song about the tough relationship in a family. But whatever happens in a family only makes it stronger, even if sometimes the actual members don't realize it. This song shows that developement, the artist complains about the bad relationship and how everybody does what they want. In the end, the artist expresses his strong love for his mother and the rest of his family! Very emotional but also very loving!
Memories can hurt or heal us... the difference is simply perception. When you lose one love you replace it with stronger self love and move forward to your next blessing closer to god. Embrace the silver lining, don’t spend four years on dead wishes.
This song is about the human emotions of pride, greed and anger. They destroy our conscious and eventually our relationships, ourselves, and our dignity. Learn to control your mentality as it pertains to them; and you master your mind.
At times the opposite sex can suck... they can break you down and damage your self worth. They can make it hard to love again... every circumstance is temporary.
There are times where isolation appears to be hell. It’s either expression or depression... Find an art or exercise; I write to thrive.