Erika Poling

Erika is very introspective and poetic; while still maintaining a pragmatic approach in her writing. Her lyrics are not forced and she includes words that encapsulate vivid images and rhythms.


#36 Suchergebnisse

Personifying the monarch as comparable to a love interest allows the lyrics to create colorful images of smilies and metaphors. This species lives approximately nine months, which is how long the relationship lasted. Pure poetry to a woman who reminded the writer of a blue and brown butterfly she sighted in her garden. The idea was influenced by a summer experience on a humid day in July.
Two people who come off to the world as heartless, secretly understand each other's needs. Not getting attached or surrendering to one's feelings is a common attitude found in today's hook-up culture. But, many people have stronger emotions brooding beneath the surface they often fear to express. The lyrics mention two people who love each other, but prefer to keep their "private" life... well private. Hooking up turns into making love, and secretly we all desire affection.
Alcoholism and deteriorating mental health are the major themes highlighted in these lyrics. Struggling with addiction and psychological issues result in social isolation, major depression, low self-esteem, confusion, and suicidal thoughts.
This song is inspired by night time visions and thoughts. It embodies artistic expression of what goes through a creative's mind when they are alone, looking at the stars.
The lyrics describe power dynamics in a relationship by referencing the game of hearts. The Queen of Spades is very powerful, yet she is completely avoided. She stands on her own as a beautiful--although deadly--ruler of her own heart.