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New Lyrics

My old friend - Mr Blue!

By Tony Lawrie

The song is a standard 8 bar blues verse with a standard 12 bar blues Chorous that, using personification, captures the history, musicality, and nature of the gendre of the Blues. Not all verses need be performed and the order of the verses can be varied. The song leaves lots of scope for featuring solos by various musicians and instruments during actual performance.

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My Love

By NJJ Fourie

How love makes you feel everyday

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Happily Never After (Duet)

By Karianne Gabaldon

These lyrics show both sides to a rocky relationship; not just what the man feels, and not just what the woman feels. It’s a fun little duet, but it’s more twisted than lovely.

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Queendom of Contentment

By Erika Poling

How I created the song/lyrics: The first verse starts out lower and works it's way up to a soprano C or higher (one-sided). The pre-chorus is higher pitched also. But then, the chorus switches to a melody similar to "Heavy Cross," by the band Gossip. The second verse is similar in pitch (high) to the second part of the first verse; but the second part of the second verse (starting with "Oh, my violet sky") is a lower pitch like the first part of the first verse. I think incorporating a "Billie Eilish" whisper style with a lower, stronger, and harder style-- it would really bring out the meaning of the song and make it more artistic.

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