Edward McBride

Edward McBride is a new and gifted lyricist. He brings his unique perspective on the topics relevant to today in his writing.
Provocative, irreverent and unexpected, many of his lyrics are perfect for avant-garde melodies. He also writes lighter fare - perfect for pop, romantic and lyrical ballads.


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This song is about an American actress who falls in love with one of England's Prince's. She schemes to get him, and get him to Canada, then to Hollywood. Will it last?
This song is about a Private Investigator who gathers up information on cheating spouses and is shocked when he sees who one of these cheats is.
This is my version of the pandemic that is gripping the whole world at the moment. The song reflects that it is a great leveler and is unfortunately taking the lives of too many older people in nursing homes. Any money generated from sales of this song I will give it to front line workers. Thank you
This song is about a woman who lost her husband in a car accident, it was raining at the time and now every time that it rains it reminds her of her loss. This is a sad and dark haunting ballad
This song describes the love life of a single woman who is looking for romance, but will also have one-night stands, or two or three in order to satisfy her sexual needs. She is OK with this as she is not ready yet to make a full commitment to anyone.