Space Between Us

(Merlyn xCrystal )

A song about a long distance relationship, and how it makes feelings stronger.

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(A) Wasted nights in the cold and dark Laying alone slowly falling apart Why didn't I ask you to stay? Why didn't I ask if you're okay? (B) Baby, stop your grieving There're times when it's harder to breath in Do you care about me? Then don't care about what they say at you and me Maybe us against the world All the stars in the sky above Ain't nothing to the reasons I love you (chorus) Cause baby we're all lone stars We're just trying to light up our darkness Craving love cause our hearts Are broken and dim inside Yeah there's space between us But every night you spiral in my thoughts (A#2) My eyes are where they should be Lost inside yours Hold me close to your chest Let me hear your heartbeat Oh, baby stay with me Oh, now I know you're okay (B#2) I won't ever let you go To drown in the dark on your own Yeah, my lights are down low But our fusion burns brighter, you know (chorus) Cause baby were all lone stars We're just trying to light up our darkness Craving love XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XX XX XXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XX XXXXX XX XXXXX XX XXXX XXX XX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XX XX XXXXXXXXX

© Merlyn xCrystal 2019

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